Shaping the modern body

The international conference “Shaping the Modern Body. Fashion, Food, Health and Manners across South Eastern Europe and the Ottoman Empire (17th-19th centuries)” intends to open a rich field in an under researched variety of sources. The body is the prism through which we intend to analyse four areas of historical enquiry and social interactions: manners and behavior; dress and fashion; food; health. Private and public spaces, meetings and social events, mediators, translators and go-betweens provide an important backdrop to our focus on male and female bodies and the disciplining, feeding, clothing, healing practices that shaped and changed their self-perceptions, experiences and social identities. We aim to explore a set of sources ranging from costume books and portraits; inventories; correspondences and journals; books of etiquette, food and cosmetic recipes and medical prescriptions; photographs and magazines.

Source: Shaping the modern body